Balance the Budget

Justin learned as a small business owner that responsible spending and balanced budgeting is crucial to ensuring stability and fiscal saliency. That’s why he works to cut government waste and hold our state agencies accountable. We can’t cut taxes if we don’t control spending. Justin is committed to ending the misuse of your hard-earned tax dollars. He successfully helped balance the state budget in his first session and will continue to do so every time we send him to Austin.

Securing Our Border, Banning Sanctuary Cities

Delivering on one of his top campaign pledges, Justin voted on the toughest law possible to ban so-called “sanctuary cities” in his very first session as our representative. He voted in favor of and passed the largest border security plan in Texas history—maintaining 250 additional troopers at the border and the implementation of an integrated network of detection and communication technologies for a total investment of $1.6 billion. As a member of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee, protecting our state from individuals who cross our border illegally and stopping drugs at the Texas southern border are his top priorities. Justin is leading the fight to increase border security and keep our Texas families safe from drug trafficking, cartels and dangerous criminals.

Commitment to Tax Relief and Job Creation

Justin is both a homeowner and small business owner. He knows firsthand how over-regulation and over-taxation harm Texas families and businesses. He’s fighting to keep Texas the most competitive business environment in America—cutting excessive regulations and taxes that prevent our communities and small businesses from thriving. He wants Texas to be the easiest place to launch and operate a business and we are well on our way. Justin believes that the government should stay out of your back office and your back pocket. If you know of a harmful government regulation you would like to see cut, reach out to Justin at Justin considers it his high privilege to serve you and be your strong voice in Austin.

Defending Private Property

As a real estate broker, Justin takes pride in helping families realize the American dream. He understands the value of working hard for what you achieve, and that government should have no right to your personal property. That’s why Justin co-sponsored the bill that ended land grabs by cities and now requires voter approval before they can annex your land into city limits. Justin also wrote legislation to stop government agencies from abusing eminent domain. Because of his efforts, Justin has been praised by Texans for Property Rights as a champion of landowners. Justin stands strong in Austin so that the rewards of your hard work are kept safe from government intrusion.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

As our state representative, Justin has made good on his oath to uphold the Second Amendment. With a perfect rating from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association, Justin has taken every opportunity to advance and preserve our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. This session, he voted to slash the license-to-carry fee more than 70%—a huge step toward eliminating the fee altogether.

Justin also wrote and passed HB 3784—the new law that finally allows online courses for the classroom portion of License-to-Carry training. Signed by Governor Abbott, Justin’s bill was praised by the NRA. Justin is the Second Amendment champion we need to stand up to liberals and defend our rights!

Protecting the Unborn

As a Christian and the father of two young daughters, Justin is unapologetically 100% Pro-Life. He voted to defund Planned Parenthood and was proud to put a stop to all partial-birth and dismemberment abortions in Texas. Justin is an unwavering advocate in the legislature for the unborn and the innocent.

Cutting Property Taxes

As a licensed real estate broker in Texas and member of the Texas Association of REALTORS®, Justin has seen again and again how skyrocketing property taxes dramatically affect Texans. This is unacceptable, which is why Justin voted to give voters “veto” power over large tax increases. The bill hasn’t passed yet, but Justin won’t give up! Justin will work together with other state leaders to block dramatic increases, reform appraisal review board statutes, create more transparency in the property tax process and give homeowners a seat at the table in deciding their own tax bill.

Protecting Public Education

When it comes to public education, Justin cares deeply about protecting our local schools and ensuring they have the necessary resources to give our kids a high-quality education. Texas can do better for our students and Justin wants to help find solutions to the complex issues in public education and school finance. Last session, Justin and his colleagues successfully voted to add more than a billion dollars to public education with no new taxes. For our teachers, Justin also helped pass $695 million in additional funding to stabilize TRS-Care until a permanent solution can be found—without raising taxes. Justin wants to give our teachers, parents, and, most importantly, students every tool they need to succeed.

Eliminating Robin Hood

More than half your tax bill is made up of school taxes, but only a fraction of that actually goes to our local schools. The costly “Robin Hood” school finance system siphons our dollars away from our school districts and redistributes it across the state, which is one big reason why our taxes go up while school resources go down. Justin is committed to ending this unfair, failed finance scheme and replacing it with a system that keeps more of our tax dollars in our classrooms.

Get Traffic Moving

If we want our state and national economy to thrive, we must have efficient infrastructure that gets Texans where they’re going swiftly and safely. With thousands of people moving to Texas daily, we must proactively ensure spacious roads to meet the needs of all residents. Justin is committed to making sure we have the capacity for strong economic growth within our existing resources.

Defend the Constitution

The Constitution is the most important document in our nation’s history. But as President Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Justin is determined to uphold and protect our God-given rights. He knows that freedom is far easier to keep than win back. Justin will always fight to defend life, liberty, and property from all obtrusion and infringement.

Standing with Veterans

Those who risk everything to fight for our nation deserve the best care and services we can provide. It is unacceptable for veterans to suffer on waiting lists when they could be receiving life-saving medical treatment or to have their taxes raised while they serve overseas. Justin fights for veterans against special interests and personal political agendas. They’ve stood for us on the front lines and Justin stands for them in the legislature.

Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Justin knows as well as any of us that our brave first responders put their lives on the line to keep our neighborhoods and our families safe every day. That’s why he passed a law to safeguard those who protect us each and every day in the line of duty – and their loved ones.
Justin has deep respect for the men and women who protect the people and places most important to us. He will always “back the blue” and continue to ensure they have every resource they need to keep us safe.