BalanceD Budget

Our Republican-led legislature is focused on disciplined spending, fiscal responsibility, and balancing the budget. This year we will have a record budget surplus due to inflation in sales tax. This surplus will help us address important issues like Buying Down Property Taxes, Property Appraisal Reform, School Safety, Transportation, Water Infrastructure, and funding much needed improvements to vital state agencies like the PUC, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and the Department of Family and Protective Services. I agree with Governor Abbott that a large portion of the surplus should be returned to Texans, and I look forward to working closely with Governor Abbott, Speaker Phelan, and my House colleagues on the details of how to best deploy surplus funds to provide the greatest benefit to Texans.

defend the border

Texas is on the frontline of the national immigration and border crisis. The problems of crime, drugs, and the security of Texans are real daily concerns, not political talking points. We must continue to support the efforts of our Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Military in defending our State from the dangerous cartels and drug and human trafficking that is occurring with these illegal border crossings. Border Security must remain a top priority for the State of Texas as we await the Federal Government to enforce the laws of our nation and put the safety of our citizens first.

Property Tax and Appraisal Reform

As a licensed real estate broker in Texas and member of the Texas Association of REALTORS®, I have seen time and time again how skyrocketing property taxes dramatically affect everyday Texans. This is unacceptable, which is why I have voted to give voters “veto” power over large tax increases. The bill hasn’t passed yet, but I won’t give up! I will work together with other state leaders to block dramatic increases, reform appraisal review board statutes, create more transparency in the property tax process, and give homeowners a seat at the table in deciding their own tax bill. No Texan should fear losing their property due to tax increases.

Education and Retired Teachers

As a father, I have long been an advocate for students, teachers, and administrators in Texas and will continue to be a supporter for Texas Public Schools and institutions of Higher Education. This includes working towards a permanent Cost-of-Living-Adjustment for Texas’ retired teachers as we continue through this period of inflation.

Safe Schools and Communities

Not only is educating our students and supporting their teachers and administrators important, but it is imperative we address Mental Health and School Safety in Texas schools. We can and must do better for our students and faculty members. 

Texas communities thrive when our Police Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Responders feel valued and are well-equipped by their local, state and federal partners. Businesses invest and create jobs in communities where there are quality schools and their employees feel safe. Safe communities become prosperous communities and we make safe communities by funding and supporting our first responders.

Planning For Future Growth

North Texas is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country. This presents new opportunities but also many new challenges. One of those challenges is making sure our vital infrastructure, especially our water, can keep up. We must work to ensure our growing cities have safe drinking water and strong water infrastructure, including dams and other flood prevention. Continuing to improve our road and bridge infrastructure must remain a priority so that we may keep both Texans and Texas businesses moving forward.

Jobs and Economy

As the Economy, Job Market, and Business Climate continue to thrive in Texas, we must continue to foster an environment for Economic Development that promotes low taxes, capital investment, and a highly-skilled workforce for job creation. Texas will continue to be the leading state in the country for attracting, retaining, and educating high quality workforce talent with Tier 1 and Tier 2 research institutions across the state.

A Reliable Texas Grid

As Vice Chairman of the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission, we are working on very important issues such as the operation, the administration, and the reliability of the Texas Electric Grid as we review the efficiency and effectiveness of the PUC and ERCOT this session. These hearings are already underway, and I look forward to addressing these concerns and finding solutions for all Texans.

Traditional Family Values

As conservatives, we have led the way on issues of life and individual liberties. I will continue to be 100% pro-life, support the 2nd Amendment, protect religious liberty and the family values that make Texas the best state in the country to live in, to work in, to start a business in, and to raise your children.