Securing Our Border

Justin is a firm believer in the rule of law and knows illegal immigration is the greatest threat Texans face today. Texas must lead the fight on border security to ensure our families are safe.

As our conservative representative, Justin will take every step to secure our border, stop sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegal aliens and ensure the legal status of workers in our state.

Cutting Taxes and Creating Jobs

2S4A4045As head of a successful, family-owned real estate business, Justin understands the challenges local families face. While on the city council, Justin upheld the conservative principles of cutting wasteful government spending and keeping taxes low.

Because of his rock solid record, we know we can trust Justin to cut taxes, slash burdensome regulations, and maintain conservative, pro-growth policies in the Texas Legislature.

Defending 2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment RightsJustin is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and will fight to uphold our Constitutional rights.  An avid hunter and member of the NRA, Justin will oppose any efforts by liberals who wish to turn back the clock on our right to defend our families.

Upholding Traditional Marriage

Traditional Family ValuesOur faith and values are at the core of who we are as Texans.  A strong Christian, Justin is guided by the teachings of Jesus and believes marriage is the sacred union of one man, one woman, and God.  Married to his wife, Neely, for seven years, Justin is committed to restoring traditional marriage.

Stopping Abortion

Strongly pro-life, Justin will be an unwavering advocate in the legislature for those of us who believe every human life matters. Justin supports the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood and will always vote for the strongest measures to protect the unborn.

Defending Private Property

As a real estate agent, Justin has spent his entire professional life helping families realize the American dream when they purchase a home. Justin understands the value of working hard for what you achieve and the limited role government should have in your personal property.

Justin will ensure that the private property you devoted your life to maintaining is kept safe from all harmful government intrusion.

Strengthening Transportation

Justin knows we must keep hard working Texans moving to keep our economy strong. That’s why he will ensure our state prioritizes vital road construction and infrastructure projects within our existing means. That means less traffic and more growth while maintaining a conservative balanced budget.

Educating our Kids

The safety and well being of our kids will always be Justin’s top priority. He is committed to guaranteeing their preparation for the future so they can one day provide for their families. To that end, Justin will fight to increase our local control of schools, and cut burdensome STAAR tests so our teachers can finally educate our kids.

Stopping Obamacare

The Obama Administration has turned health care upside down with burdensome regulations that are ineffective and costly to both the state and our families. Justin will support every legislative effort to reject Obamacare, eliminate Medicaid fraud, and reduce the overall cost of health care.